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The Early Days

Illuminating the Scriptures

Long awaited - here they are: Lectures in Tanach and Basics of Judaism, held at Machon Meir, English Dept.


Time and Space: 5746-5748 (1986-1988; Prime Ministers at the time:
Yitzhak Shamir, Shimon Peres)
At the Center of the Universe (i.e. Jerusalem, Israel)

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6001A: The Problems of Bible-Translations; Tanach: An Introduction

6002A: Developmental Process 6000 years (3x2000)

6002B: King Sha'ul / "Ich bin a Gurnisht"

Hillel/Shammai, No Psak-Din from Heaven, Majority Rule, Maimonides and his contemporary Arab philosophers,Comparison Tora/modern Philosophy

To Whom does the Tora belong?

The Judges; Powers of a King or Government, Deena demalkhuta deena, Legal Smuggling, Black Marketeering

6005A: Fundamentals of Judaism

6005B: The Importance of Wearing a Kippah, 2 Smugglers to Russia, Not to Hide One's Jewish Identity Even in the Face of Mortal Danger (->Rambam), Rabbi Amnon of Mainz, Suicide of Masada, Not to Build Jericho

6006A: Chronological overview until Kings period, the gap between Jewish and christian calendars, King Yannai under Etrogattack, Shimon ben Shetakh and the Sanhedrin, Yehoshua ben Perakhya and his most famous student (Sanh.107b, Sota 47a, Schabbat 104b - censored!)

6007A: The Real Messiah, Christianity and Islam

6010 A2: Yeshivot Ateret/Torat Cohanim/Torat Chayim in the Old City,
Rabbi Tsvi Yehuda Kook זצ"ל, Refusenik coming on Aliya;
Introduction into the Book of  JUDGES

(to be continued)